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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Flex League
  • Coast 2 Coast provides online flexible tennis leagues for men, women, and juniors. Flex leagues provide the opportunity for you to play exciting, competitive, and fun tennis matches. At C2C, you can choose your playing level, choose your home court, choose your partner, and schedule your matches when and where you want to play.
  • How do I register to play in Coast 2 Coast Leagues?
  • Registration for all leagues is held online at www.coast2coasttennis.com during the registration period for each season. You must create a user profile before registering to play. After creating your profile, click on "Registration". You will be notified by email before registration begins in upcoming seasons.
  • How do I get a doubles partner?
  • To register for a doubles league you must have a doubles partner. There are two ways in which you can register a doubles partner. You can acquire a username, first name, and email from someone you know and who agrees to be your partner. Simply click the "Add New Partner" link on your My Profile page and enter the required info. Or, if you do not have a doubles partner, yet wish to play in a doubles league, sign yourself up to have C2C find a partner for you. Click the "Add New Partner" link on your My Profile page and sign yourself up.
  • How do I know my Combo League level?
  • Your Combo League level is the sum total of your own NTRP rating plus your Combo League partner's NTRP rating. For example, a 3.5 player paired with a 4.0 player would have a Combo League level of 7.5.
  • How do I know my Junior Rating?
The following is a general guideline to C2C's Junior Rating system:

Ability Level
The C2C borrows from the NTRP system for rating players and determining the placement level. Players should be rated according to the NTRP Guidelines. All players should be rated by their coach.

10 & Under Beginner
Any players 10 & Under
12 & Under Beginner
For players playing for the first time.
2.0 & Below NTRP
12 & Under Advanced
Age 11 & 12
3.5 and Above NTRP
Player must have, or be equivalent to a fairly high USTA State Ranking
14 & Under Beginner
For players who are playing for the first time.
2.0 & Below NTRP
14 & Under Advanced
Age 13 & 14
3.5 and Above NTRP
Player must have, or be equivalent to a fairly high USTA Ranking
16 & Under Beginner
For players who are playing for the first time.
2.0 & Below NTRP
16 & Under Advanced
Age 15 & 16
3.5 and Above NTRP
Player must have, or be equivalent to a fairly high USTA Ranking
18 & Under Advanced
Age 15 to 18
3.5 and Above NTRP
This division is reserved for Advanced Tournament/High School team players.

Rules Regarding Ranked Players
Players with a sectional standing of 1-100 in 10s, and 1-300 in 12s to 18s, must play in the advanced division, even if playing in a different age division. A player falling below this benchmark should refer to the NTRP criteria to determine if their skills require them to play in the advanced division.

Age Eligibility
Players will be bumped up to the next age division if they age beyond their current division within 3 months of the start of the league. For example, a 16 year old player who turns 17 in June must play in the 18 and under division for the league starting in April.

  • How much is the registration fee?
  • The registration fee is $35 per player for all adult leagues, and $25 per player in junior leagues. However, C2C offers a multiple league discount for members registering for multiple leagues in a given season. The cost for (2) leagues in (1) season is $30 per league for adults and $20 per league for juniors. The cost for (3) leagues in (1) season is $25 per league for adults and $15 per league for juniors.
  • What is the C2C Referral program?
  • A C2C member that refers 3 new members in a given season is eligable for a free season with C2C. The referred members let C2C know who referred them when registering for a C2C league. While a new member may only specify (1) person as their referer in their first season, there is no limit to the amount of free seasons a member can receive.
  • When is the playing season and how long does it run?
  • Coast 2 Coast Men's and Women's Doubles, Combo, and Singles, and Juniors have 4 playing seasons per year (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer). These seasons are 5 weeks long with a playoff week to finish.
  • Can I play in more than one league per season?
  • Yes. C2C Tennis League is designed to be flexible. Therefore, members are capable of signing up for multiple leagues in one season; a singles, doubles, and combo league. However, a member is not allowed to sign up for differing levels of the same league(i.e. 3.0 Doubles and 3.5 Doubles). Coast 2 Coast members are also eligable for special discounts when registering for more than one league, see our Promotions page.
  • How are League Divisions formed?
  • Divisions for each league are formed by playing levels and the location of your home court. Teams will be placed in divisions where home courts are in the closest proximity.
  • When and how will I receive my match schedule?
  • Match schedules will be posted on the website prior to the week matches are scheduled to begin for each playing season.
  • Which team is responsible for contacting opponents to schedule a match?
  • The home team is responsible for initiating contact with their opponents, but away teams may also contact the home team players if they would like to get a match scheduled early so courts can be reserved or to avoid scheduling conflicts.
  • What if I have tried several times to contact my opponent and have not received a response?
  • If a team has made several attempts to contact an opponent by phone and email for a scheduled match and has not received any response by Monday of the second scheduled week before the "Play By Date", the team can take a win by forfeit.
  • Do matches have to be played in the order that they are scheduled?
  • Matches can be played earlier than scheduled if all players on the team agree to play earlier. Matches cannot be played later than the "Play By Date" posted on the schedule unless a "Late Score Pass" is used.
  • Which team reports the scores of the match?
  • The winning team should record the scores after a match is played.
  • Who becomes the Division Winner if 2 teams both have the same number of points?
  • If two teams are tied at the end of the season, Division Winner will be determined in the following order:
    • 1. Highest win %
    • 2. Most matches won
  • All juniors tied for first place based on points will be considered Division Winners. All Division Winners will receive bag tags and car magnets.
  • How do I qualify for playoffs
  • All Division Winners and teams with at least 9 points at the end of the regular playing season qualify for playoffs, with the exception of divisions where there are excessive forfeits. Teams must mark themselves as "Available for Playoffs" to be included in the playoffs.
  • How should I contact Coast 2 Coast if I have questions
  • If you have any questions regarding registration or league play, click on Contact Us and email your questions. It is a primary goal of Coast 2 Coast to provide you with the best league play experience and ultimate customer service. We will respond to all questions promptly.
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